A Viking Summer
A Viking Summer, which will be performed from 8th to 13th August 2022 at the Edinburgh Fringe, is an ensemble play that celebrates life from first heartbeat to final breath.

It follows the lives of several university women who are volunteering on the island of Iona for the summer. They have a summer fling with several handsome boys who are staying on the island, but when romance yields two unplanned pregnancies – hard decisions must be made – decisions between ideals of youthful freedom and the realities of adult responsibility. This is a play which exposes the easy answers of a secular worldview. 
In addition, the story follows the life of an elderly woman on the island who has been largely forgotten and turned out to pasture. Her bitterness at this softens as she realizes she can become a mentor to these young girls in crisis – and in doing so find forgiveness for her own past mistakes.  
Finally, we follow the story of a mentally disabled young man named David. A football injury has left him cognitively impaired and yet he has become a veritable conduit for the Holy Spirit. In love with Jesus and in love with life, David invites all the other characters to the dance of life where God is present and working all things out for the good of those who love him and are called according to his purposes. 
The show will be performed by Asbury University theatre students. Asbury is a Christian liberal arts university in the Bluegrass Region of Kentucky. Known for its fine film production and writing programs, Asbury is committed to using storytelling as a tool for Christian outreach. Jim Shores, who wrote A Viking Summer for The Beating Heart Group, states that he hopes the show invites young people into a conversation about responsible choices they might make, forgiveness perhaps they need, and the loving arms of Jesus into which all of us need to fall.

More information about Jim and Carol Shores can be found here